​​​Vici Hall Bespoke Hairdressing   Established 1993

As you may well be aware the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25th May 2018. This effects all businesses that hold personal data, which includes Vici Mobile Hairdressing and the Personal Data I (Vanessa Victoria Hall, proprietor of Vici Mobile Hairdressing) hold which belongs to you, my client.

Please be reassured that I have always taken your privacy extremely seriously. With the new legislation in mind however, I am obliged to inform you of my Privacy and Personal data Policy. This encompasses:

  • What personal data I collect and where it is stored.
  • Why I collect it and how it’s used.
  • Who it will be shared with.
  • How it can be deleted.
  • What I will not use the data for.
  • Social Media  & Website Policy


What Personal Data do I collect and how is it stored?
As a client I hold two types of Personal Data for you:
Client data - This is your name, address, phone number and email. These are held online using my salon management system, which is called I also hold hard copies in my appointment and address books.

Technical data - This is data regarding your hair requirements, which is held in written note format and is colour formulae, perm information, individual Olaplex formulae and/or notes regarding styling.


Why I collect Personal Data and how is it Used?
Client data is held purely for reference purposes. Contact details are held so that I may contact you if an appointment has been requested. Your address is held so that I can find your home address to attend an appointment.
Technical data is held for my reference when providing services.
No further Personal Data will be requested or held, unless provided by yourselves and with your consent.
In line with GDPR you have the right to access the Personal Data I hold, in a format suitable and portable to yourself.


Who your Personal Data will be shared with.
There are only three people who have access to Personal Data within Vici Mobile Hairdressing. Myself, my Husband (Anthony Hall) who assists me with my administration activities and my Accountant (Patricia Lane), who needs to see my appointment books when preparing my accounts. If you do not wish for this to happen please notify me and I will ensure your Personal Data is deleted.


How can Personal Data be deleted?
In line with GDPR, you have the right to refuse consent for your personal data to be held by me. Personal Data deletion can be triggered upon your request at any time. Additionally, if you no longer use my services Personal Data will be deleted after a period of one year from your last appointment.


What I will not use Personal Data for.
Vici Mobile Hairdressing is not affiliated to any third party organisations. To that end Personal data will not be passed under any circumstances. All marketing activities undertaken by Vici Mobile Hairdressing are done via the website (, Instagram or Facebook, which do not require the use of, or passing over of Personal Data. Personal Data will not be used for any activity whatsoever other than that stated above.


Social Media and Website Policy
As stated above I use my Website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) for marketing purposes. This will involve the use of images and descriptions/narrative specific to that client. Vici Mobile Hairdressing will always seek consent for images to be taken and uploaded. The right of refusal of consent and/or the removal of imagery at any time is ALWAYS held by the respective client.